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Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to cackle your way through mornings with our "Hocus Pocus" T-shirt that boldly declares, "Oh look, another glorious morning, makes me sick!" It's like your not-so-secret incantation for surviving those early hours.

Imagine this: You stumble out of bed, your hair a tangled mess resembling a witch's broomstick, and you're pretty sure caffeine is the only potion that can save you. But wait! With this shirt, you're not just grumbling about the day ahead; you're embracing it with a wicked sense of humor.

This tee is practically a spellbook of hilarity, brewing laughter and mischief wherever you go. It's the perfect way to let the world know that mornings and you? Well, let's just say you have a love-hate relationship. So, if you've ever felt like mornings were brewed up by witches with a wicked sense of humor, slip into this shirt and join the spellbinding laughter. Get ready to tackle your day with a smirk and a sprinkle of mischief, because mornings may make you sick, but they won't break your spirit! 🌞🧙‍♀️😂


Sublimation on stainless steel tumbler.

Epoxy Drips with glitter and mica powder.

3D printed charms.

Faux ice cubes.

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Some dimensions may vary from cup to cup due to manufacturer differences.

H: 8.07in

W: 2.83in

Care Instructions

Avoid Extreme Heat

Not Dishwasher Safe

Hand Wash Only

Not Microwave Safe

Do Not Soak

Made with Love

Handle with Care

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