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Too Busy Enjoying Life

Too Busy Enjoying Life

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Roses are red, violets are blue, we have better things to do. This tongue-in-cheek tee says it all. For the happily single and serially dating, Valentine’s Day is just another day. And this tee is the perfect antidote for the lovey-dovey madness. Its bold message—‘Too Busy Enjoying Life’—lets the world know you march to the beat of your own drum. After all, why pine for romance when life’s pleasures await? A comfy cotton construction and classic crew neck make this tee as perfect for a spontaneous night out as a cozy night in. Available in black, navy and olive green, this ‘anti-Valentine’s’ statement piece adds a dash of humor and whole lot of attitude to any look. For those who believe happiness comes in many forms, spread the love and get one for your partner in crime. Love may lift us up where we belong, but life’s adventures lift us higher.


Sublimation on stainless steel tumbler.

Epoxy Drips with glitter and mica powder.

3D printed charms.

Faux ice cubes.

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Some dimensions may vary from cup to cup due to manufacturer differences.

H: 8.07in

W: 2.83in

Care Instructions

Avoid Extreme Heat

Not Dishwasher Safe

Hand Wash Only

Not Microwave Safe

Do Not Soak

Made with Love

Handle with Care

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