Tumbler Care

Care Instructions


Hand wash only

No abrasive cleaning on the epoxy/outside

Tumblers are heat sensitive. Do not expose to flames, hot vehicles, or microwaves. All epoxy yellows eventually but avoiding extreme sun exposure will assure your tumbler lasts for years.

Epoxy can crack or chip if dropped. Please handle it with care.

Each item is made to order and due to the process of making each item, minor imperfections are unavoidable.

Each tumbler is handmade to your preference, with high quality mica powders, glitter, and epoxy. Each cup is made with FDA compliant epoxy with a smooth, glass-like finish.

Once epoxy is fully cured for 30 days, it is an inert plastic and safe. Until then please handle gently. It is ok to use within the 30 days just handle gently.

Epoxy can and will melt when exposed to a flame. Always keep away from heat and open flames. When exposed to higher temperatures epoxy may soften. Bring tumbler into room temperature and let it harden.

Thank You for your business.

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