Collection: Just For Lookz Creations 40oz Monster Tumbler

This 40oz beast of a tumbler means business. While its Stanley-inspired design may conjure images of rugged outdoorsmen and hockey trophies, this tumbler has its sights set on keeping your cold ones icy and hot stuff steaming 24/7. Constructed from stainless steel for temperature retention that’s second to none, it’s ready to tag along on all of life’s adventures and look good doing it. The tumbler’s generous size means fewer refills and more time enjoying the moment. And when the day is done, it continues to serve you well by moonlighting as an end table, book stand or any other use your imagination can muster. Chillingly effective and deceptively versatile, this tumbler is built for the multi-hyphenate always on the go. Why settle for a single-purpose anything when this tumbler is poised to be your ultimate sidekick? Consider this tumbler the MVP of your drinkware team—you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.